levikkikarttaLännen Media (lit. Western Media) is the joint national newsroom of Finland’s leading regional media. We combine forces of 12 Finnish-language daily newspapers published across the Western and Northern parts of Finland. The production company, Lännen Media Oy, is owned by its participant media houses for which it produces exclusive content, including national and international news, features, backgrounds, analyses, print pages and premium online stories. The overall reach of these newspapers is more than one million print readers daily, plus the rising number of digital readers and subscribers.

The participating newspapers of Lännen Media include Alma Media Corporation’s newspapers Aamulehti (Tampere) and Satakunnan Kansa (Pori), the northern newspapers Kaleva (Oulu) and Lapin Kansa (Rovaniemi), the I-Mediat newspapers Ilkka (Seinäjoki) and Pohjalainen (Vaasa), Hämeen Sanomat (Hämeenlinna) and its affiliate Forssan Lehti (Forssa), Turun Sanomat (Turku), Keskipohjanmaa (Kokkola), Länsi-Suomi (Rauma) and Kainuun Sanomat (Kajaani). Lännen Media has offices in 13 cities all across Finland in regional capitals as well as the nation’s capital, Helsinki.

The total reach of the Lännen Media newspapers is nearly two million (1,980,000) Finns. The aggregate circulation of the printed newspapers is 516,375 (2013) and the estimated number of readers 1.28 million.

Editor-In-Chief of Lännen Media is Matti Posio. He works out of Tampere, where the main newsdesk is, but shares his time regularly with Helsinki and main cities of the area. Lännen Media’s Newsroom operation is lead by Assistant Editors Jussi Orell and Marjo Oikarinen. Both are placed in Helsinki, as well as their respective hometowns of Turku and Oulu. Feature and Theme content is produced by Riikka Happonen, working mainly in Hämeenlinna.

For any further inquiries, please send e-mail to our general address palaute@lannenmedia.fi or directly to any of us. You will find the contact information on this site’s Yhteystiedot section. You can find our newspapers at aamulehti.fi / satakunnankansa.fi / turunsanomat.fi / kaleva.fi / lapinkansa.fi / ilkka.fi / pohjalainen.fi / kainuunsanomat.fi / hameensanomat.fi / keskipohjanmaa.fi and so forth.